Bob…oh Bob. He makes us so happy! He has such a personality a lot like a toddler, because he gets in your space and distracts you from what you’re doing. He loves to play with his basset hound Uncle Thumper and a kitten he snuggles with named snowflake. He has become more bonded to us overtime especially his grandma! He begs for lunch meat and chicken! He loves his chicken and egg yoke. Bob has had a major impact on my life. Hes sweet, loving, playful, funny, and my child! He loves selfies and snuggles along with giving kisses here and there. He now knows some tricks such as sit, come (we use his name “Bob, Bob, Bob!”) Or a 1 squeak with something squeaky and reward him with a treat. When he wants snuggled he’ll get on his back feet and streeetch his self up right next to your leg. Bob is one of a kind and loves being an only child for now. 🤣 We love him!