Hi All!

I have been following the opening of the new facility and I’m so happy to see what a beautiful home you are providing to so many dogs and cats.
Here are some fun photos of Boomer exploring Montana. We adopted him back in September shortly before he was going to be transferred to another facility.He is one heck of an adventurer. When he’s not fishing the Bitterroot, you can find him backcountry skiing, camping, or being forced to take a photo. Most nights after destroying a toy or two he can be found curled up and snoring on one of our laps. He loves to wrestle with my boyfriend and always keeps us laughing. If you follow my Instagram you will surely see I am completely obsessed with this dog.
We recently did a DNA test and found out he is 25% lab, 25% Airedale Terrier and a mix of Plott hound, Bernese Mountain Dog and Border Collie.
If you are ever having a “ruff” day please remember you are completing families and giving us humans our best friends!