Hi, I'm Ashes!

Border Collie/Lab mix | 3 Years Old | Spayed Female | 50 lbs

Some dogs love everyone the minute, no the second, they meet them. Other dogs need to assess the situation a bit longer before coming to a decision. Typically, the dogs who take a little longer are harder for us to find homes for. Reason being, most people want to feel an instant bond with a dog. As humans, we want to be liked! A social and outgoing dog gives us that immediate gratification. So, how do we find homes for dogs like Ashes? Dogs we know are going to be incredibly loyal and loving but don't show it the moment you meet them? What we need is for you to trust us. And her. Trust that you ARE the one for her and if given the chance, and taken home, she'll bond with you and give you more love than you could have ever expected. Ashes is already well mannered and she'd happily share her home with another dog (preferably a male) as long as they don't eat ALL the treats. Ashes is hoping you know her type and she's exactly what you're looking for.