Hi, I'm Bosco!

Terrier | 8 Years Old | Neutered Male | 25.5 lbs

Bosco is just the kind of laid back, low maintenance pup your home deserves. If we were to describe him, we would say he's just like the cool dad on the block: his favorite snack is cheese and hot dogs, he watches football games on full blast, and his favorite dad joke is "pull my finger". Bosco is the kind of guy that's so chilled, you could eat all the snacks in the pantry, change that dang thermostat temperature 20 times a day and play endless video games, and guess what? Still chill! Enjoy long naps, movie marathons and leisurely strolls around the house, Bosco is right there with you! Don't waste another minute, come meet your new "bro"-friend today!