Hi, I'm Citroville!

Domestic Shorthair | 2 Months Old | Spayed Female | 3 lbs

When Citroville envisions her perfect life, she sees the smiling faces of her family, cuddling and playing the whole day through. When she reflects on the first few months of her kitten-hood, she feels that they didn't exactly turn out to be what she had hoped for. Citroville is like a delicate tropical flower. She wasn't planted in soil that was right for her during the beginning stages of her life, so she didn't have the environment to flourish. After arriving at Mountain Humane she was given a new environment, plus some food and water with the occasional supplement of love. But something was still missing...She knows with the right amount of love, patience and comfort in her new home will allow her to live the life she has always dreamed of....And of course allow her to blossom into the beautiful flower she really is! Get ready to fall in love!