Hi, I'm Clyde!

Labrador/ Rottweiler Mix | 6 Years Old | Neutered Male | 87 lbs

Clyde is a charming, goofy, affectionate dude. He bonds quickly with his people, and even without any formal training he has all the skills to be an accomplished emotional support dog. When you are feeling blue, having his silly beefcake face staring up at you, with his sweet, nurturing, somewhat large body taking up your entire view, you can't help but feel loved, all the way through. Rhymes and counseling skills aside, Clyde has a lot of lovable qualities- he enjoys his crate time, is good with other dogs, and understands his basic commands well enough to be a pretty good dog. We are hoping to find him a dog savvy home without small children, cats, or other pets that run and squeak (SOOO fun to chase!). This lovebug is sure to put a smile on your face, so come say hi to him today!

From Clyde’s Foster Family:

We first saw Clyde as we were driving by the outdoor kennels at MH. He was patiently watching us, wagging his tail, ignoring the barking dogs around him and hoping for his forever home.
Now that we have been fostering Clyde, we realize that’s exactly how he is – quiet, patient, and happy to be around people. He loves being in the house, making sure no one steals his bed and keeping watch for the squirrels out the window.  Being a total gentleman, he lets us know if he needs to go outside. He’ll sit, stay, and rollover for a treat, and is learning to “shake”.
We walk him every day. For a big dog, he is very good on-leash and comes when called if he is off leash. Meeting other dogs, his confidence shows; he has had play sessions with the neighbors lab, however he seems ambivalent about other dogs. It’s people he really likes!
Clyde will want to be with you wherever you are and you’ll never want for a best friend if you adopt this gentle, easygoing dog. The only drawback might be that you will be spending a lot of time sending photos and videos to all your friends, showing what a darling, goofball dog you have.