Hi, I'm Gracie!

Domestic Shorthair | 8 Years Old | Spayed Female | 14.3 lbs

Update: Gracie's fitness regime is paying off! She has lost FOUR pounds during her makeover and is feeling great!Sweet Gracie is a complete love bug. Though currently, her exercise regime consists entirely of kneading and walking back and forth to the litterbox from her bed, she has relocated to the Wood River Valley in order to turn her life around. She wants to be surrounded by people and felines who are fitness minded, who make time for exercise and meditation every day, and who are committed to eating healthy, seasonal, organic, free-ranging food. She is a yoga fanati-cat and is deciding between Pilates and Tai Chi to try next. If you'd like to be part of Gracie's fitness journey, come introduce yourself to her today. A forever family would be the purr-fect kick start to inspire her!

From Gracie’s Foster Family

Gracie is a beautiful grey eight-year-old female cat. She loves attention and to follow her human friends around the house, never wanting to be far from the action.

She is litterbox- trained and quite neat, though she still loves to be brushed and petted, always vocal about appreciation for being so. Her ideal future home would enjoy playing with her regularly, as like many of us she’s in the process of getting back into shape after a few too many treats around
the holiday season.