Hi, I'm Her Highness Lady Silverspoon !

Domestic Longhair | 3 Years Old | Spayed Female | 6.75 lbs

Hear ye! Hear ye! Her Highness Lady Silverspoon has arrived by horse and carriage to the palace of Mountain Humane, and is nothing short of the royalty her name implies! She prefers to be spoken to as "Lady Silverspoon" if referred to abruptly, rather than ma'am - (because she feels it shows her age.) Lady Silverspoon rules a mighty kingdom of kind, gallant lads and ladies of all ages. If we were to ask what her royalty loved most in life, she would say: "drinking a fine pinot-'meow' by the poolside, kitty treats freshly imported from the Caribbean, and daily head massages!" She firmly believes in the "treat yourself" motto, and is confident that one cannot serve - let alone rule a kingdom, if they do not fill up 'thy own's cup' first! Come near, come far! Lady Silverspoon requests to be the queen of your couch at once!