Hi, I'm Hugo!

Domestic Medium Hair | 1 Year Old | Neutered Male | 9.25 lbs

Deep down in the jungle, through the vines and swinging snakes, between the marshes and moss covered trees, beyond the hippo pond and monkey village, sits a noble young lion. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" plays in the background as he stretches his toes after a long nap under the savanna sun. He notices a wild pack of wildebeest crossing his view, and feels a prime opportunity for a meal. He leaps off of his perch, heart pounding, eyes wide, the open field ahead...He can hear the distant sounds of Africa, and a...vacuum? Wait. A vacuum? Hugo startles awake from his dream to a passing vacuum, cleaning the floor in front of his kitty condo at Mountain Humane. Darn, just a dream again. Although just a dream, Hugo is a true lion at heart. This striped, rusty boy is loyal, affectionate and beyond his years. He feels best in a home where he can chase, play and cuddle the whole day through! You may not live in a jungle- but good news! Hugo is content with your couch! Come down to our neck of the jungle and meet your new "king of the couch"!