Hi, I'm Juliet!

Pointer/Mix | 8 Months Old | Spayed Female | 40 lbs

O Juliet, Juliet! Wherefore art thou Juliet? Yes, maybe we switched the verse around a little bit, but this is no fairytale! This sweet girl is as real as it gets, and she is waiting at ye olde' kingdom of Mountain Humane. But she isn't waiting for her prince charming...because eww cooties! But in all seriousness, Juliet has no problem holding her own and being the confident queen that she is....that is with a little help from a loving family! Juliet feels her best in a home that understands her and loves to learn new tricks as much as she does. When she's not exploring the world with her nose to the ground, she is ready to play and engage in any training exercises you want to try! Come meet Juliet today!