Hi, I'm Lizzie!

Mixed Breed | 1 Year Old | Spayed Female | 57 lbs

Lizzie would be another good candidate for a DNA test! Our best guess is St. Bernard, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Boxer, Golden Retriever Mix. Clear as mud, right?!? We are hoping to find an adoptive family that loves her for her and looks forward to discovering more about her as she settles into a home. Though she can be hesitant in new situations, she is quite affectionate and loves to play. She doesn't yet have complete control over those long legs of hers, so watching her frolic is very entertaining! Lizzie is good with other dogs, not cool with cats, and very excited about mealtimes- so much so that we'd recommend a slow feeder or puzzle toy! This beautiful girl is ready to find a home and get started exploring and adventuring with her new people. Lizzie would love to meet you!