Hi, I'm Lobo!

Husky | Est. DOB: 09/17 | Neutered Male | 55 lbs

In most languages, the name "Lobo" means "wolf", and we certainly think Lobo's majestic aesthetic is nothing shy of that! Although we do love us some fluff, this guy has so much more to offer! Lobo is an independent pup with a pure heart of gold, and a brain like a computer: smart, but with 15 tabs open, 4 are frozen,- and we don't know where the music is coming from? With all jokes aside, we know that Lobo is too much of a smarty-pants for his own good, which makes him a perfect candidate for individuals who love teaching their dogs new tricks and some basic training skills. Lobo's ideal day is spent with his people, hitting the trails, going on road trips and stretching his legs in a home where he can be his usual husky self! Lobo will have you "howling" over how adorable and special he is! We have a feeling this happy-go-lucky boy won't be here long! "Mush" on down to meet him today!