Hi, I'm Lola!

Australian Cattle Dog mix | 2 Years Old | Spayed Female | 38 lbs

When Lola took the doggie SAT, she scored a 1600. No joke. She's a serious smarty pants. But, she's not one to brag, so when you meet her, she'll be a little cautious before showing you just how incredibly smart she is. I mean, ask her to do something, and she'll happily do it for you. Challenge her with an agility or obedience class and she will happily rise to the occasion and probably blow the socks off of her instructors. I mean, it's just who she is, she can't help it. If you adopt Lola, you'll find yourself bragging about how smart your dog is, to the point where your friends may need a break from you. And during those times, Lola will happily learn even more with you, she's a girl who will need continued adventure and challenges. Oh, and we didn't feel the need to mention how cute she is. That seems obvious even to those of us who won't let anyone know what we scored on the SAT.