Hi, I'm Mortisha!

Shepherd/Kelpie, Australian Mix | 3 Years Old | Spayed Female | 59 lbs

One of the first things that most tend to notice about Mortisha is her unique "glass" eye. But Mortisha knows that her eye is no limitation! In fact, she thinks that it makes her look totally kick-butt and cool! Like an adventurous pirate of her own ship, sailing the open sea! Or like the famous one-eyed animated character "Mike Wazowski" who we all know and love from the Disney movie "Monsters Inc". Mortisha is all class with a bit of sass, and that's why she also lives by Mike Wazowski's saying “You’ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade", because there's no shame in her game! Not only is she quirky and funny like Mike, but she thinks having only one eye versus two makes absolutely no difference. Life is still a daring adventure worth experiencing! After all, she believes that it's not all about the sights she sees, but the love she receives! Mortisha is perfect for a family that is hoping to add a bit more laughter and love into their lives! How could you possibly go wrong with a pup as fun as Mortisha? Come meet her today!