Hi, I'm Penelope!

Domestic Shorthair | 4 Years Old | Spayed Female | 11.8 lbs

Penelope is this week's winner of the "I do not want to be here!" prize. She lived with one person as an inside only cat for her entire life before coming to the shelter, so is understandably overwhelmed and easily overstimulated at the shelter. In a home, she is cuddly, seeks out attention from her human, and enjoys playing with fancy toys such as bugs and hair ties. Even at the shelter she has turned into a much more playful and cute cat- she will stretch out and lazily bat at a dangly toy, and enjoys being petted when she's in the mood. We would LOVE to get her into a home, so she can become a de-stressed, happy cat again. Please come check out Penelope, and let us know if you have the perfect home for her!