Hi, I'm Pixie!

Pitbull Mix | 1 Year Old | Spayed Female | 31 lbs

Adorable Pixie is a pint sized bundle of love! She is desperate to find her forever people and love them fiercely. She is very playful, great with other dogs (and dog savvy cats), and will be an amazing adventure buddy! We are so excited to see this youngster gain confidence and see her true personality develop. If we're being honest, there's a solid chance that she will turn out to be a goofball. I mean, look at those ears! Hard to take her seriously, right? Come say hello to Pixie, and prepare to fall in love!

From Pixie’s Foster Family

Pixie is such a fun pup! Although initially a bit skittish with strangers, she quickly warms up and is one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever fostered. In fact, getting pictures of sweet Pixie on our hikes proved challenging because every time I bent down to take her picture, she came up and gave me a bear hug and kisses. This girl has her priorities straight!

Pixie will be the perfect trail dog for all seasons. She walks great on a leash, taking her cues on pace and position from her person, and would probably do phenomenallly off-leash with a little training. She LOVES other dogs, and greeted every dog we met on the trail to say hello and play. Although any loving and active home for her would be wonderful, Pixie may really thrive in a forever home with some canine companionship.
Pixie rides in the car quietly and confidently. In fact, she was so comfortable riding as co-pilot that she completely forgot her navigational duties and fell asleep, sitting up, as the world passed by her window. She loves head massages and belly rubs. Basically, she just loves being adored by her person. I put a little balm on her paws for the snowy trails, and even though we’d met just shortly before, she graciously let me handle her paw pads without the slightest hesitation. Not even my own dog is that accommodating!
Beautiful Pixie is smart and sweet and fun – basically she’s the total package for some lucky adopter!