Hi, I'm Poppy!

Mixed Breed | 1 Year Old | Spayed Female | 38 lbs

To be completely honest, we have no idea what breed or breeds of dogs Poppy is. Nor do we care! What we do spend some time wondering about is why the heck she is still here! She is so gosh darn cute and lovable and smart! At not quite a year old, she already knows some basic obedience and is eager to keep learning. She will definitely require daily exercise, and likely daily mental exercise as well- Poppy is very smart and loves learning new tricks. Agility training would be a blast with her! Poppy is a true gem and can't wait to become a part of your family- come meet her soon!

From Poppy’s Foster Family

She did great!! Poppy is friendly with all people and dogs and loved playing in the snow along the trail at Billy’s Bridge. She’s such a happy puppy that it was hard to get her to sit still for her glamour shots.