Hi, I'm Pumpkin!

Domestic Shorthair | 9 Months Old | Neutered Male | 5.6 lbs

Just between us, kittens in the 5-9 month old range really are the best. They have some inkling of what being a responsible adult cat is like, but they haven't really settled into it. They are zany and cute and playful, but not 24/7 like tiny kittens. They have some control over their claws and understand the importance of a litterbox. But they will still be growing up and turning from kittens to cats with you. Learning who in your family has the coziest lap. Taking part in your celebrations and lightening the mood when things get serious. Creating a lifetime of memories with you. We strongly recommend that you hustle down to the shelter to meet some of these "just right" kittens. We think you'll #fallinlove.