Hi, I'm Rex!

Border Collie/Lab mix | 1 Year Old | Neutered Male | 48 lbs

How to describe Rex...hmmm. How about: smart, athletic and incredibly sweet. But not too athletic that you're going to be spending every waking moment exercising him. Or so smart that you'll spend every other waking moment trying to give him a new challenge. But he is sweet enough that you'll always want him by your side. Rex is already housebroken, crate trained and he loves other dogs. He'd probably be ok with a cat in the house too, but it may be a new experience for him, so a slow intro is recommended. Rex would be the perfect introduction to someone wanting a herding breed type of dog. Be prepared for getting him out to run and play, and for him to lay in your lap afterwards. Do yourself a favor and come take this great dog home.