Hi, I'm Rocky!

Aerdale Terrier/German Shepherd Mix | 1 Year Old | Neutered Male | 64 lbs

Rocky is a total knock out of the park, yo! As the spontaneous and spunky pup he is, Rocky truly believes in a "no bad days" motto. This cool youngster is at the edge of his puppy-hood, but don't worry- this pup still has all of his party years ahead of him! This pup is down for anything that includes moving his body! Did you say a Zumba class? He'll grab his sweatpants! Trail Running? He'll grab his sunglasses! A whole day out on the water? He's already got sunscreen on...But seriously, Rocky feels most himself when he is engaging in activities and feeling the world beneath his paws! If he says so himself, he thinks he's one pretty cool canine, dawg! Roll on down to meet him today!