Hi, I'm Salem!

Australian Shepherd Mix | 1 Year Old | Spayed Female | 31 lbs

This petite party animal is very excited to find her forever family! She is cute, bonds quickly with people, and is the perfect size to go with you everywhere. Salem would love to find a family that wants a clever canine to join them for hiking, skiing, and any and all assorted outdoor adventures. With regular exercise, some obedience training, consistency, and love, this young pup is extremely likely to become a happy, loyal sidekick for you for many years to come. Come introduce yourself to Salem today!

Salem was chosen as a weekly staff pick by Makayla, our Marketing Assistant and Cat Cafe Barista!

“If I were to paint the image of Salem as a human, I’d imagine her as a young lady maybe just getting out into the real world to go to college. She feels a bit shy and uncertain of the future at times, and other times she jumps into the fast lane of life. She would be the kind of girl that never falls behind on her homework and always sticks out as the top of her class. She is so sharp that she’s the kind to never trust too early, or put all of her eggs in one basket. Her heart is made of gold, and I think that’s also why she holds the wall so high.

If there is one thing that I have learned about Salem and her story, it’s that she has been vastly misunderstood. Most don’t take the time to slow down and sit long enough to hear Salem’s story through her eyes and the way she holds herself up. I could describe how she makes me feel in a few ways….She is like your favorite candy, even when you thought it couldn’t get any better- it has the sweetest filling on the inside! Or the feeling when you find that extra fry at the bottom of the fry bag when you thought they were all gone. Just like that!

The distinguishing qualities that I love most about Salem include her intention to greet everyday like a new sun has risen, to play harder than she did yesterday – just to make you smile…But most importantly, to make sure that you never go a moment where you don’t feel love or belonging…because she has come to know what that feels like all too well. Salem knows that the love she deserves is worth the wait.

Come take the time to meet Salem! I speak from my heart and my experience when I say this – I know you will not be disappointed by the time you spend with her! So, what are you waiting for?”