Hi, I'm Scrappy!

Pitbull Mix | 9 Years Old | Neutered Male | 35 lbs

Super Scrappy is ready to brighten up your world! In order to help you get to know him, we conducted a quick interview with Scrappy and his foster parents. The notes are below.Favorite bedtime snack: Dental chews Favorite TV show of all time: Andy Griffith Show, followed closely by Friends Best yoga pose: Corpse pose (Savasana) Most convincing impression: Humphrey Bogart, Shrek Secret super power: Securing entire property perimeter without leaving his spot on the couch Hobbies: Quilting. Finding sunny spots. Eating bones. Following and rooting for his favorite curling team. Writing to legislators about causes he believes in. Snoring. Skill he is most proud of: Impeccable manners, including never jumping up no matter how much he wants to and always using, "excuse me" or "pardon me" when appropriate.No one spends time with this little walrus without noting (always with the tone of surprise!), "Hey, this is a really cool dog!" How much would you love to have people constantly saying that about your very own dog? Scrappy is a special pup who will bring endless chuckles and joy and occasional happy zoomies to your life. He looks forward to meeting you soon.