Hi, I'm Scrappy!

Pitbull Mix | 9 Years Old | Neutered Male | 35 lbs

Unconditional love? Yup! Not judging you EVER? Yup! A reason to get out and enjoy the sunshine? For SURE! Scrappy is the sweetest dog around and we hope adopters will look past his bald spots, and see how incredibly handsome he is, both inside and out! Scrappy is good with cats, occasionally comes off a bit strong with dogs, but is generally easy to walk, handle, and a joy to be around. Even though he looks like he's had a rough go in the past, he certainly hasn't let it affect his temperament. His ideal home is one with lots of belly rubs, good food and a place to sleep in the sun! ! This jolly and charming guy will make a great family companion and we hope you'll come to meet him just as soon as you can!