Hi, I'm Shadow!

Husky | 8 Years Old | Neutered Male | 48 lbs

Handsome Shadow is a pretty typical Husky- has some quirks but is overall incredibly lovable and fun and active. We recommend doing a little research on Huskies before jumping in to owning one- but everyone that has them loves them to bits! Shadow is well behaved and food motivated, gets along with dogs, might be fine with a confident cat, and loves to go for hikes. Given the opportunity, he will absolutely go for hikes by himself, but he enjoys having you join him as well! He has a history of resource guarding his people, which is very manageable (and our dog behavior peeps will be massively helpful coaching you through that) and has had some meltdowns when left alone in the car. He just really loves his people! Come meet Shadow- but be forewarned, it's hard to resist his goofy shenanigans and adorable face!