Hi, I'm Soren!

Domestic Shorthair | 3 Months Old | Neutered Male | 4 lbs

If you were to search the meaning of Soren's name, you would find that it means "serious or stern". But we think that even some of the best kitties like Soren can easily live a life of misunderstanding. You see- Although reserved, Soren is a young man that has big ambitions and wishes: like a loving home. But he feels like he may not deserve endless head rubs or a cozy spot on your couch. We feel that Soren deserves all the love this world has to offer, and only the finest of spots to lounge, like a royal tufted pillow adorned by a chandelier hanging above. But in reality, the only wish Soren really has is for the chance to warm up to a space where he will be loved and appreciated! Come meet him today!