Hi, I'm Teton!

Domestic Shorthair | Est. DOB: 02/18 | Neutered Male | 9 lbs

If Teton were a person, you could expect him to be the conscious health nut and yoga fanati-cat on the block that most would aspire to be. He would only take his eggs cage-free, beef grass-fed, and fish well-filleted. He would sport a new-age man bun and drive his Subaru to all of his feline endeavors. In between his kitty Pilates and soul cycle classes, he takes his snuggling sessions very seriously! As far as finding his new home goes, that's his utmost priority right now. Heck, he might even settle for canned food if it meant getting unconditional love! For more on Teton, give us a call today at (208)-788-4351!