Welcome to
Christie's Cat Cafe

Christie’s Cat Cafe offers a fun, relaxing environment for the public to interact with adoptable cats.
Join us for a hot drink, a cookie, and some quality time with our most outgoing felines!

At Christie’s Cat Café, you will find a cozy and welcoming area, fabulous feline company, and delicious coffee!

We are a community gathering spot. We want to see you, your friends, and your family often and give you an opportunity to enjoy some feline company in a unique, relaxing environment.

Throughout the entire facility, our cats and kittens reside in a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment, dramatically improving their quality of life while they wait to find their forever homes. But our Cat Café takes that to the next level. The space is pleasant for adoptable kittens and cats as well as humans, so grab a cup of coffee and prepare yourself for a delightful snuggle session with some adorable adoptables.

The best part? If it’s love at first sight, your beverage has gone cold, you’re happily covered in fur, and you still can’t pull yourself away from your purring pal, you can just go ahead and adopt your new friend!

Meet the Adoptable Cafe Cats!

Did you know?

Cats are more adoptable when visited in a more relaxed setting and cat cafes nationwide have been proven to increase cat adoptions!

Cats will be our biggest challenge statewide in achieving No Kill Idaho 2025, both because of how quickly they reproduce and because they are not adopted as quickly – the cat cafe is another way we’re helping.

Sit, Stay, Enjoy!

Research shows that half the nation’s population will not visit a shelter because they see them as depressing or overwhelming – this limits our ability to achieve our mission. Leading shelters across the nation are realizing that we need to be happy, vibrant community hubs in order to connect more people and pets. The cat cafe will have tasty coffee and treats as a way to encourage people to stay longer, hang out, and see what a wonderful place this is.

A Place for Everyone!

We have books for kids to read to the cats, parents are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee while their child sits in the cat lounge with the adoptable animals. Students can bring homework in and enjoy the quiet company of cats and adopters can relax while they decide on their perfect furry companion. Christie’s Cat Cafe is a place where people gather to celebrate their love of pets!

Come Visit Us!

11am – 5pm
Every day (except major holidays)

101 Croy Creek Road
Hailey, ID 83333
*The adoption counselors in the lobby can point you in the right direction to the cafe!*

**This is not an actual dining establishment as we do not prepare and serve food on the premises. There is coffee and cookies available to encourage people to sit, stay, and enjoy time with our adoptable cats**