Christine’s roots began in New York, migrating to “the garden state” aka New Jersey where her educational journey was completed with a major in Advertising and Illustration. Her business career took her back to New York and then across the country to California where she lived, worked and played until making the move to the Wood River Valley in 1999.

Her dad instilled the importance of volunteering and giving back to your community at an early age and so with the move to Hailey, came the opportunity to begin volunteering at Mountain Humane.  Time with the animals made the transition to a new home easy. Christine has volunteered her time and talent in many capacities with Mountain Humane since that first winter of calling Hailey, Idaho home.

A dog always at her side, these days you will find Christine and Fergie girl on a walk-about in this great valley, meeting at least one new dog friend along the way.