TRAINING for dog owners outside of blaine county

At Mountain Humane we believe in changing lives by connecting people and pets, and keeping pets with their families. One of the easiest ways to strengthen your connection with your pet is through training, using reward-based techniques, and positive reinforcement.

Our partnership with GoodPup gives dog owners that don’t have access to our in-county services a great training resource.


What is goodpup?

Training is essential to building a bond with your dog. It’s easier, more enjoyable, and more effective when done in the dog’s home with its owner. GoodPup provides private training with certified trainers who teach cues and advanced behavior on topics like crate training, barking, begging, and jumping. Contact our training manager and access one free week of training with GoodPup. You’ll get the 1-on-1 expert help you need, 20% Off for Life, and Mountain Humane will receive a generous donation!


To find out more and get access to your free week of training please contact our Behavior Team: [email protected]