Dog Training can be Fun!

When you train with positive reinforcement techniques,
training is effective and more fun for your and your dog!

Did you know that clicker training is more effective than any other training methods? Check out information on how to train your dog (or cat!) using a clicker.

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Get out with your dog! Looking for trails to hike in the Wood River Valley? Tips and tricks for camping, running, hiking, and all things outside with your pup!

Coming February 2019!

How to Teach Your Dog to Sit

Basic commands are important for keeping your dog safe, happy, and connected with you! Check out this quick video on teaching your pup to sit.

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Games to Play with your Dog

Who doesn’t love to have fun?! Training your dogs using games creates a stronger bond and reinforces good behavior. Check out the article here.

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Pets during the Holidays

Holidays are fun, but can sometimes be stressful for your pet. Check out a few articles here to keep your pets happy & healthy during party time.

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