Total Annual Impact


Mountain Humane makes a significant contribution to the vitality of our local economy. An in depth analysis of Mountain Humane revenue, expenses and operations reveal an estimated annual contribution of $5.3 million to Blaine County. This includes the direct and indirect benefits of our labor, goods, and services.

Adoption Impacts ($1,487,455):
• 400 annual local adoptions adds up to a significant amount of pet care spending on food, boarding, veterinary care, and supplies
• 200 adoptions to out of town families contribute to local spending on hotels, meals, gas, and more
• 50% of adoptable animals transported in from overcrowded regional shelters generates additional local expenditures on transportation, lodging, and more

Core Operating Expenditures ($1,761,366):
• Local expenditures on everything from payroll to printing
• Additional expenditures not in this total include 35 local employees generating significant expenditures in the community for themselves and their families

Economic Multiplier ($1,788,417):
• A standard economic analysis tool, the Social Assistance organization multiplier was used for this study

Events Expenditures ($252,917):
• Event costs and visitor expenditures

Projections for the impact of the new animal welfare campus will be available in 2019.