Elizabeth moved to the Wood River Valley from NY after a successful career advising businesses abroad, building trust companies, and practicing estate planning and non-profit law which she continues to do here.  She has always been active in the philanthropic sector but found her passion for helping animals when she rescued “Betty Boop” a poodle-terrier mix in 2007.  She was also on the board of the ASPCA in NY where she learned about the challenges of being an effective pet rescue and care facility.  She is enthusiastic about Mountain Humane’s no-kill-just-to-make-room-in-a-shelter policy, its educational outreach to our community and beyond, its programs to reach underserved populations in Blaine county, and the myriad of other programs it effectively administers.

Elizabeth lives in Hailey with Betty Boop and her standard poodle Fritz von Boop.