What is the mission of Mountain Humane?

Mountain Humane is on a mission to change lives by connecting pets and people.

How do I Adopt an Animal?

Thank you for choosing adoption! At Mountain Humane we do our very best to help match you with a pet to best fit your lifestyle. Have questions about our adoption policies or about a specific animal? Give us a call at 208-788-4351 and an adoption counselor can answer any questions you may have!

Why don't you take out of county animals in as strays but you take transferred animals from around the state and region?

We have municipal contracts and act as the impound facility for all of the cities in Blaine County. This allows us to temporarily hold stray animals while sharing in that cost with each of the individual cities and not carrying the entire cost ourselves. We work with other shelters and coalition partners to transfer in animals on a "space available" program that allows us to manage our own population and not be at risk for over-crowding. This gives high-kill shelters the opportunity to transfer healthy, adoptable pets that would otherwise be euthanized due to lack of space.

Can I bring an animal home for the weekend?

Yes, you can take a dog home for the weekend! Check out the foster page on our website or contact Lauren Rujawitz at [email protected] for more information.

How does bringing in animals rescued from other shelters help Blaine County?

• After almost a decade of our Free Community Spay/Neuter Clinics, we are seeing the success of the program through a reduction in our local homeless animal population. However, hundreds of local families per year still want to adopt loving new companions from Mountain Humane – bringing in adoptable pets from overcrowded regional shelters not only helps save those animals’ lives, but it meets the local demand for rescued pets.
• Having a diverse group of animals available for adoption, with the benefits of our services – spay/neuter, microchips, vaccinations, basic obedience training, and more – draws hundreds of visitors per year to the valley, bringing customers who visit local businesses, increasing the Valley’s economic vitality. In fact, our 2016 operations infused $5.3 M back into the local economy. Read more about Mountain Humane’s economic impact here.