Meet Pet of the Week, Sarabi!

Looking for a chill, low maintenance, happy camper of a pup? Don’t want to become an ultra marathon runner in order to keep you new dog happy and tired? Can’t monitor and manage your dogs every move all day every day because you aren’t independently wealthy? Have we got the dog for you!! Sarabi is adorable, enjoys snuggling, loves making new human friends, and is quite content to hold your couch down for you while you are at work or on a long distance run. Perfect for company on a rainy day or a chilly winter evening with a fire in the fireplace and Netflix on the TV. Bonus- she looks adorable in outfits and has considered making her own calendar to raise funds for local animal shelters. Come meet this sweetheart today! Take her for a walk if you must. Or just take her home to meet her new couch!

Click here to learn more (or to submit an adoption application!)


Cat Intake And Adoptions At Mountain Humane

Happy Caturday! This weekend all adult cats have 50% off their adoption fees and senior cats have no adoption fees! We are open from 11-6 both Saturday and Sunday.

The length of stay for our cats has dropped by 1 week on average since moving into the new facility. Cat overpopulation is a big problem in many parts of the state and we are really excited to be able to help with this by transferring in cats from overcrowded shelters. We are also working hard to provide spay and neuter services to help reduce new litters of kittens to more manageable numbers. Ultimately we envision a world that never has to euthanize a healthy, adoptable animal for space in any shelter.


Join us this weekend for the Back to Home Adoption Special!

Who says “Back to School” is just for kids? These pets are ready to learn what home is! This weekend, September 14th – 15th, all pets over 1 year old have 50% off their adoption fees! And, all of our senior cats have zero adoption fees!

P.S. Did you know we have 11 puppies looking for homes?! We have 10 labrador/border collie mix puppies all 2 months old, and one 3 month old hound mix. The first one was just adopted, and we’re crossing our fingers the other 11 go home this weekend too! You can see all our adoptable pets by clicking on the picture below!

Skittles 1 Year Anniversary!

Skittles arrived at Mountain Humane exactly one year ago today. After a medical evaluation, it seemed like her health was deteriorating and she was placed in a foster/ hospice home.
We didn’t make her available for adoption as we didn’t know if she would get better.
To our surprise, when she got her next checkup she was thriving, and has been available for adoption since then!
Skittles is looking for her forever family and we think she has many happy years ahead in a loving home.
We are so thankful to Kathy for being willing to foster her while she waits for adoption, we really couldn’t provide second chances like these for our animals without folks like her.
More about Skittles here:
Learn about fostering here:

Meet our longest-term dog resident, Roxy!

Meet Miss Roxy! This lady takes top prize for the most teddy bear-like pup at Mountain Humane right now! She is cuddly, squishable, and loves her people time. Between the teddy bear qualities, her adorable face, and loving and playful personality, she is hard to resist! We are so excited to see her thriving in a home with her forever family! Come meet Roxy today and be ready to fall in love.


Thank you Purina, Greater Good, & Jackson Galaxy Project!

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to our friends at Purina Fancy Feast, Purina,, and The Jackson Galaxy Project for donating cat food for our adoptable cats and to provide support to our Community Paws program!

Since receiving the delivery of food, we’ve been utilizing the food for the Cat PAWSitive program. Through this program we’ve been teaching cats to high-five, come when called, and even jump through hoops! This helps to make them more adoptable (who doesn’t want to adopt a cat who can jump through a hoop!?) and provides mental enrichment for the cat (and tasty Fancy Feast treats as positive reinforcement!).

If you haven’t yet seen adoptable cat Freddy’s tricks that she learned through Cat PAWSitive – you can check out her video here: