Jasper the Adventure Cat!

Jasper is a high energy cat. Like the wake you up at 2:30 AM to play kind of high energy. He was climbing the shower curtain, blinds, and bookshelves, and trying to knock pictures off the walls. Dave and Gadrie (Jasper’s humans), installed cat trees and shelves for him, and it still wasn’t enough.

“Jasper was clearly the most energetic kitten at Mountain Humane, but I naively thought that he’d settle down a little bit when he got into a home and had more space to play and more interaction with people. I was so, so wrong.”

So they leash trained him hoping to get him outside for more excercise, and it worked! Enjoy this short story about Jasper and the potential for a different experience with a “high output” cat!

Beans Goes Home!

Beans spent 155 days with us at Mountain Humane. During his stay here he made many friends with his goofy and friendly personality, we are so happy to see him go to such a perfect family!

If it were not for our “Pet of the Week” feature in the local newspapers he may not have been spotted by these lovely folks. We want to give a big shout out to Idaho Mountain Express and The Weekly Sun for supporting our mission by showcasing our animals weekly!

Millie And The Power Of Connections

What does it mean to be a humane community?
Long time volunteer and Mountain Humane supporter Rosemary Aquilante shares her thoughts on what it means to be humane, and talks about the impact dogs have had on her life and social connections.

While we truly do live in a place that cares so much for our pets and for our people, success in making Blaine County a humane, no-kill community is only the start – more than 10,000 dogs and cats are still euthanized annually in Idaho that we know of (not all shelters document and report their population numbers, so that number is likely much higher). This is a huge burden on the staff at these shelters and is a tragedy for the animals. No one wants euthanasia to be the solution for pet overpopulation but not all shelters have the resources or circumstances that allow them to become no-kill.

We are working to change that. Learn more about our mission to make Idaho no-kill by 2025 here

Happy Foster Friday!

Happy Foster Friday! Today we are featuring Fredrix and Marriette!

These wonderful cats are relaxing in foster homes, but they don’t want to be passed up for their chance at a forever home just because they are not at Mountain Humane!

Learn more about Marriette here: https://mountainhumane.org/adoptable-pet/meet-marriete/

Learn more about Fredrix here: https://mountainhumane.org/adoptable-pet/meet-fredrix/

Not ready to provide a forever home? Consider becoming a foster family today, it makes a huge impact on the members of our population who are stressed in the shelter!

Learn more about our foster program here:

Help Us Bring It Home!

Help us bring it home! After a decade of dreaming, planning, and building, the campaign to build the new Animal Adoption and Humane Education Center is coming to a close.

This incredible journey to improve animal welfare in our community and state has been filled with compassion, generosity, and hard work by so many people.

We are at 98% of our fundraising goal! If you have been waiting for the right time to make a campaign gift, this is it!

No donation is too small. All amounts are greatly appreciated! Donors who give $250 (or more) to the campaign will be included in the permanent donor display.

For more information, please visit: https://mountainhumane.org/capital-campaign

What does our staff have to say about Poppy?

Have you met Poppy?

Poppy is a true gem and can’t wait to become a part of your family! She is cute, lovable, and smart. Really, what more could you want?

All of us here at Mountain Humane are completely stumped why she hasn’t been scooped up yet! Check out what our staff has to say about this lovely lady:

“She’s happy looking, happy acting, she just is happy. She doesn’t come with any issues, she just needs a friend. Oh, and she’s really good in the house!”
-Colleen, Poppy’s Foster Mom & Volunteer

“Poppy is always so excited for whatever new adventure is coming her way… and she greets everyone with the same enthusiasm!”
-Alisa, Adoption Counselor

“It makes us happy just to be around Poppy. Her big huge smile can brighten anyone’s day and we love her for that! Anyone who comes into contact with Poppy always leaves with a smile, it’s contagious! I love the way her butt wiggles when she get’s really excited.”
-Kelsey, Adoption Counselor

“I love Poppy because of how much she has grown. She has gone from a shy, reactive dog to a friendly and outgoing dog during her stay her. Shes made plenty of new friends–people and dogs alike. I can’t wait to see her in a loving home.”
-Leslie, Assistant Animal Trainer

“The way Poppy wiggles with excitement as I greet her every morning makes my whole day!”
-Lauren, Lead Adoption Counselor

Check out Poppy’s full bio here (https://mountainhumane.org/adoptable-pet/meet-poppy/) or even better, come meet her in person!

Delaware First No-Kill State!

Did you hear the news? Delaware is officially the United States first entirely no-kill state! Leaders in Delaware’s efforts credit their multi-pronged approach to making a no-kill state possible. Specifically, they outline their spay/neuter clinics, reduced fee adoption events, comprehensive outreach programs that help animals stay in the homes they already have, humane education programs, and pet food banks. The even better news? These are all of the things we’re doing to help make Idaho a no-kill state by 2025! In addition to the above points, we’ve established an Idaho Shelter Coalition (where we share resources, transports, and more) so that we can band together as a state to make this happen!

Click here for more information about our mission to make Idaho no-kill by 2025.

You can see the full article about Delaware here.

Purchase your souvenir pass!

Get Bald Mountain Summer Lift access for your dog! With a $10 donation, Sun Valley will make your pup a souvenir pass (how cute would that be as a holiday ornament?!). All proceeds benefit Mountain Humane!

Passes can be purchased at River Run or the Guest Center in the Village.

-Gondola runs 9am – 4pm
-Dogs ride free both ways!
-Lift access from now until the middle of September