Witchcats & Wizardry

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Mountain Humane’s School of Witchcats and Wizardry. Term begins on October 21st and runs until October 31st. During this time we invite you to join us at Mountain Humane to get sorted into your house, enjoy magical and drinks (like purr-fectly pumpkin lattes at the cat cafe!), and meet your fellow housemates.

All of our feline residents have also been sorted into Harry Potter inspired houses – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.

To add to the fun, we’re going to be raffling off the sword of Gryffindor on October 31st!

How do you get raffle tickets to win?

Visit and spend time with one (or more!) of the adoptable cats in your house and fill out a cat behavior quiz, available in the Cat Cafe! Once you’ve done both of these activities – you can add your name to the raffle to win the sword of Gryffindor*.

*Must be over 18 or have a parent/guardian present to win the sword*

Pups in the Snow!

Ok, we may be biased here, but is there anything cuter than dogs enjoying the snow? Especially when that snowstorm comes in the middle of October!

Check out the photos of Blue, Beans, Shirley, and (a very uncoordinated puppy) Voss, enjoying their snow time!

*Also, some pets preferred to stay inside – like kittens!


Foster Friday: Daisy

Happy Foster Friday!
Jim and Colleen sent us this wonderful update on Daisy:

Words cannot describe how wonderful a dog Daisy is. Here is a breakdown of how she has adapted to her foster home in these eight days.

The first few days Daisy was not allowed off leash, or lead. We walked her around the yard to familiarize her with the boundaries, and for her am/pm ablutions. She became restless, of course, as she couldn’t run or really play too much; we were anxious to get her acclimated so we could play with her! In four days, she gained her freedom in the yard and what fun she has been having. She loves to run after the ball, or just run around, and she follows us everywhere. She’ll wander about alone, sometimes all along the borders of the yard, but a whistle or calling her name brings her running.

She was a bit shy of Jim, but in only a few days she has come to accept him – in fact she begs him for attention. Speaking of attention, this dog LOVES to be petted, mugged, squeezed, hugged, scratched . . . whatever, as long as she can get as close as possible to us. That said, she is not one to bug us endlessly. She lays on her bed in the evening, perfectly content, and doesn’t bother to get up until 7:00. Daisy is the first dog we’ve fostered that we have not confined at night – she is such a fine house dog, she gets to sleep on her bed in our room.

It would appear that she hasn’t had much experience in vehicles. She now puts her front paws on the tailgate but still needs a lift to get in the back where she immediately crawls under the cot and makes herself as small as possible which is pretty small for such a long dog. Same when she rides in the front of the vehicle, she curls up behind the seat and doesn’t move – not a bad thing in a vehicle.

In socializing her, I took her to MH last Sunday. She trembled for a good 5 minutes (she doesn’t like the MH lobby, as you all probably know) but she did relax a bit. Right after that I took her to a strange house (friends) where she happily got out of the truck and enjoyed being the center of attention while our friends admired her, wagging her tail and sniffing everyone. This was remarkable to me, given that she was so nervous earlier at the Shelter.
Up in Ketchum, we had her on-leash at Hailey Coffee while Jim went inside, and several people stopped to talk to her. While she was shy, Daisy doesn’t not appear the least bit threatening, so people want to pet her. She’s not so thrilled with strangers but we think a little more socializing and she’ll be fine. That constantly-wagging tail is such a joy.

She walks well on the leash, rides the bike easily (we use an attachment to the bike frame, not just a leash), and plays with the local dogs very well. When she is with other dogs (in our yard, off-leash) and it’s time to finish her playdate, we just leash her up and put her in the house, then shoo the other dog out the gate. Until next time.

To sum it up, this dog could change your life. She is unique, adorable, and affectionate – not to mention easy to take care of. We look at her and think . . . maybe we should change all our plans just to keep her. She is that special.

Learn more about Daisy here: mountainhumane.org/adoptable-pet/meet-daisy/

Learn more about our foster program here: mountainhumane.org/foster


Preschoolers Visit!

Check out some of our photos from the Bigwood Preschool class field trip!

We love to share our animal adoption and humane education center with local schools.

Come and experience some of our humane education with adoptable dogs and cats! Fostering those animal-human connections and exploring them to create a better world is one of the most exciting programs we offer at the new animal welfare campus.

Comprehensive humane education programming, when provided to children and communities consistently over multiple years, has been proven to help with a variety of pressing social and educational issues. We are so proud to share this resource with our community.

Join us for October’s Book Club meeting!

Join us here at Mountain Humane Tuesday, October 29 from 5 – 630 pm in Penny’s Barn for the Humane Book Club with Julie Weston! She will be discussing her book “Moonscape”, the continuation of her Nellie Burns Moonshine Mystery series.

Julie grew up in Idaho and practiced law for many years in Seattle, Washington. Her memoir of place, The Good Times Are All Gone Now: Life, Death and Rebirth in an Idaho Mining Town (University of Oklahoma Press, 2009), received honorable mention in the 2009 Idaho Book of the Year Award.

Her short stories and essays have been published in IDAHO Magazine, The Threepenny Review, River Styx, and other journals. Her debut fiction, Moonshadows, a Nellie Burns and Moonshine Mystery (Five Star Publishing, 2015) was a finalist in the May Sarton Literary Award. Her second Nellie Burns and Moonshine mystery, Basque Moon (Five Star Publishing, 2016) won the WILLA Literary Award in Historical Fiction in 2017.


Blessing of the Animals

Join us at the annual Blessing of the Animals this Sunday from 12 – 1 at St Thomas Episcopal Church in Sun Valley! St. Thomas puts on this wonderful event every year where you can bring your pet to be blessed. We’ll be there with some adoptable dogs to meet and greet as well!

Happy Dogtober!

Happy #Dogtober! October is National Adopt a Dog month and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating all of the joy, connections, and love that dogs bring into our lives. We’ll be posting special adoptable features, cute videos, and other dog-centric fun on our social media channels. We also want YOU to share your stories with us. Share photos of your pup with #dogtober and make sure to tag us at @mountainhumane!

Check out some fun dog facts below (info source: Petfinder.com)