Growing up, Karenika was around animals all the time. She came to Idaho around the age of 7. She was blessed with a wonderful adoptive family of 15 siblings, including her. She was around farm animals, lots of dogs, cats, geese, chickens, and ducks. One of those siblings started a dog rescue. She got to be around all different kinds of fosters dogs; from little to very large! She walked them, cleaned up after them, and for a while celebrated birthdays with them. Karenika would like to thank her sister Sydney, for showing her a passion for animals, and letting her get to grow up with it.

Karenika just recently moved to area from the little town of Moreland, Idaho! She has a passion for all animals. She loves riding horses and spending time with her two pups Emma and Drake. Taking them for walks, letting them play in the river, and cuddling them every day! Karenika is so excited to be a part of this team.