Makayla grew up with a zest for the outdoors in the town of Colorado Springs, nestled at the base of one of Colorado’s most famous 14-ers, Pikes Peak. A native of Colorado, Makayla spent nearly every waking hour skiing, mountain biking, barefoot gardening and river-riding! As a self-proclaimed “climbing enthusiast”, Makayla has also enjoyed rock-climbing since first hitting the slabs in 2016, although not perfect at it, she believes you don’t have to be perfect, or even good at something to truly enjoy it!

While attending high school in Colorado, she earned a fully-paid tuition grant to attend Pikes Peak Community College for concurrent studies in Zoological & Animal Biological Sciences. Alongside that, she volunteered for 2 years at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Through her studies, she cultivated the desire to be an advocate for animal rights and the environment.
Her drive to bring a new light to the animal and environmental welfare front magnetized her to Mountain Humane’s mission…and the rest is history! Makayla uprooted to the Wood River Valley in June of 2019. She worked as an Animal Care Provider for Mountain Humane before taking on a Marketing position in September 2019.