Christine Ferguson

Christine Ferguson sitting outdoors with her small white dog sitting on her lap

Christine’s roots began in New York, migrating to New Jersey where her educational journey was completed with a major in Advertising and Illustration. From New Jersey to New York City, her business career took her to California where she worked as the lead Print Production Manager, to a partner and then the COO for a…

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Stephanie Eisenbarth

Stephanie Eisenbarth hugging her dog who is standing on two legs, hugging her back, with a snowy mountain background

Steph is an Idaho native and was born with an abiding love of the outdoors and a deep passion for animals and their welfare.  She feels so fortunate to have followed a career path that allowed her to make a small difference in the world, ranging from protecting Idaho’s precious rivers, salmon, and steelhead to…

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Brent Householder

Brent Householder standing outside holding two small dogs, one in each arm

Brent moved to the valley from Montpelier, Vermont to continue his career in animal welfare with Mountain Humane. While living in Vermont, Brent was the Director of Finance and Administration at the Humane Society of Chittenden County, located in South Burlington. Brent has also held positions with the State of Vermont Auditor’s Office, Wabash Valley…

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Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell holding up a small cat toy to an orange tabby cat who is standing on a cat tree at face level

Kelly was born and raised in Rhode Island and graduated in 1993 from Rhode Island College with a BA in Economics and Business Management. She spent years of her childhood visiting and recreating in Sun Valley as her parents had a second home here, she eventually moved to the valley in 1993 and started a family.…

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