Jack Amen, DVM

Dr. Amen was raised on a farm/ranch in northeastern Colorado, seven miles from the Nebraska state line (Almost a Corn Husker). From the farm, Dr. Amen went to, and somewhat prospered at, the Colorado State University where is earned a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating from Veterinary School…

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Michael Barbee

Michael Barbee sitting in a chair outdoors, holding his small dog in his arms

Michael is a Wood River Valley native, born right here in Hailey! He pursued higher education at Pacific University and worked in the technical side of the entertainment industry before transitioning to maintenance during the pandemic. Michael has always had a DIY mindset and is activated by learning, puzzles, and helping others. Michael is quite ambitious and has…

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Sidney Bashaw

Sidney Bashaw in the cat gathering center holding a cat who is snuggling in her arms

Sidney joined Mountain Humane over a year ago and loves her work as part of our essential medical team. She grew up surrounded by critters of all sorts – dogs, cats, horses, chickens, fish, pet rats, and even hermit crabs – and she always knew that she wanted to work with animals.  Sidney was raised…

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Sarah Bunce

Sarah’s family moved from Vancouver, Washington to the Wood River Valley when she was three years old. Her family always had pets in the home, at one point having nine cats and two dogs. Caring for animals has always been a part of her life and has become a lifelong passion. She currently has a…

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Aubrey Cravens

Aubrey Cravens holding a tortoise shell cat in her arms

Aubrey is originally from the Boise, ID area but has lived in Denver, CO, Seattle, WA and moved to the Wood River Valley about 3 years ago after spending 6 years basking in the Florida sun. Aubrey graduated from ITT Technical Institute with her associate’s degree in Business Technology and Administration. Her love for animals,…

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Melanie Faulkner

Melanie moved from St. Louis to the Wood River Valley in 2022 in search of perfect temperatures, hot springs, never-ending mountains, outdoor activities, and a smaller population. She volunteered at an animal rescue in Missouri where she learned to bottle feed baby kittens and help socialize feral cats. She also acquired two cats, Joan Clawford…

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Jayne Fenton

Jayne Fenton holding up a cat on her arm

Jayne grew up in England where her childhood passions were swimming, horseback riding, and ice skating. She obtained her BA (with Honors) in Sustainable Tourism at Sheffield Hallam University and then took an exciting opportunity to move to the United States. She spent the best part of 20 years in Las Vegas and Phoenix, enjoying…

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Kailey Fisher

Kailey grew up in Pocatello, Idaho and recently moved out on her own to Arco, where she commutes to Mountain Humane each day to care for the animals. She loves the Wood River Valley and is simply amazed by its beauty! Kailey loves animals and she can’t remember a time growing up when she didn’t…

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Carla Goodwin

Carla was born and raised in Mexico. Throughout her childhood, she would watch Discovery Channel nature documentaries and play pretend to care for and tend to her stuffed animals, hoping to one day work with real animals. In 2006, Carla moved to Nacogdoches, Texas, to pursue a BS in Wildlife Biology. After graduation, she married…

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