Nadia Novik, our Director of Outreach, has worked just about every role one can in an animal shelter. From veterinary technician, to Operations Manager, to her current role, she has seen the exciting changes within the field.
A move back to New York in 2006 gave her an opportunity to work with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Shelter Medicine Department as well as manage the SPCA of Tompkins County, two experiences that helped broaden her understanding of animal welfare and give her more knowledge with which to help the animals of Idaho upon her return.
Nadia heads our Outreach department and can often be found out in the community building relationships with people and their pets. She also works with animal shelters within our region and beyond and is committed to making Idaho a No Kill state by 2025.


In her free time, Nadia can be found running with her dogs, riding her horse, or catering to every need of her cats.