Over the years, your beloved pets have provided you with companionship, love, and comfort. A bequest to Mountain Humane is the perfect way to express your commitment to the well-being of pets and people, and the beliefs you cherish.

Carefully preparing your will ensures that your assets are passed on according to your wishes and values. Thoughtful estate planning is important to adults of all ages and estate sizes.

An estate gift may also help you achieve your financial goals by limiting your tax liability, creating income during your lifetime and protecting your heirs from tax consequences. There are numerous options and we suggest that you consult your attorney in constructing the estate plan that best fits your situation.

We would be pleased and honored to discuss planned giving options with you – in confidence and with no obligation.


Shelly Forsling, Stewardship Coordinator

[email protected]


We are truly grateful to the following donors who have included Mountain Humane in their estate plans:

Anonymous (5)
Rosemary Aquilante
Mary Bachman
Jane Beattie
John Besteman
Kay Besteman
Brooke Bonner
Baxter Craven Young
Sherry Daech
Shay Doll
William Downing
Christine Ferguson
Terry Friedlander
Joyce Friedman
George Golleher
Rita Golleher
Greta Hansen
Elaine Harfst
Robin Leavitt
Ray Liermann
Sheila Liermann
Pamela Lyford
Dot Mace
Larry Mace
Jan Main
Marie Martin
Elizabeth Mathieu
Ruth Miller
Brent Montgomery
James C. Nemecek
Priscilla Pittiglio
Estelle Reid
Les Reid
Doug Rhymes
Susan Rhymes
Bart Rinker
Sharon Rinker
Cheryl Rollin
Vern Rollin
Jani Sutherland
Phil Usher
Susan Usher
Bob Wasserstrom
Karen Wasserstrom
Buddy Wilton
Lynette Montgomery *
Chuck Lyford *

*member who passed in 2017

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