We recognize that to be the best shelter we can we must also be a leader for other shelters in our region. The final component of our PAWsibilities program is our regional shelter outreach.  We actively work with many shelters in our state, some of which have very few resources and shockingly high euthanasia rates, to help them not only with internal development but also in acting as a relief valve, taking in animals when they run out of space and are faced with euthanasia.

So many of the other shelters in our region have extremely limited resources. The dogs we pull from other shelters with extremely limited resources often receive no training, no enrichment, and have only lived inside their kennels.  Our Director of Outreach, Nadia Novik says, “Watching the transformation of these dogs after coming to our facility is amazing.”  Because we are so much more than a place to shelter animals, these animals have a second chance that they may not have otherwise been given.

We’re giving happy, healthy, adoptable animals a second chance at life.
Nadia Novik, Director of Shelter Outreach
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