Fascinated by other cultures and regions, Sabine Muskari spent a large part of her adult life exploring the world.  But she felt she had finally landed where she belonged when she started working at the Animal Shelter in 2001.  Sabine was raised in Austria, graduating from business school in Villach, Austria in 1979. She spent the next 15 years traveling, taking on a variety of jobs, including nanny, waitress, and jewelry salesperson. Today, Sabine is a dog trainer, adoption counselor, and maintenance & safety manager at the Shelter.

While Sabine loves each of her positions for the variety they bring to her work, her favorite is working with the animals. A well-trained animal is a more adoptable animal, and the most satisfying part of her job is seeing the animals “blossom” as she works with them. Throughout her time at the Shelter, she has been committed to furthering her knowledge of reward–based dog training and canine behavior, through hands-on work with Shelter dogs, books and videos, as well as through training courses with Best Friends Animal Society, American Humane Society, Animal Alliances, and the HSUS, among others.

Sabine lives in Hailey with her dog, Bugsy, whom she adopted from the Shelter eight years ago and with whom she loves to explore hiking trails all over the Wood River Valley.  She also loves to garden, and the rest of the staff benefits from her generosity with her veggie garden’s bounty.