When we think of home, we all imagine a different scene. Big house or small, an apartment or a vehicle, traveling or in one place - it isn’t the walls that matter, it’s what’s inside. It’s the people and pets we surround ourselves with that create the memories, joy, and love that makes a home.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like, home is simply a place where love lives.

Your support this holiday season can help each animal who comes through our doors find their home. Because we know that with every adoption, each animal makes a place feel a bit more like home.

Kathy is one of our amazing volunteers, she helps Mountain Humane by fostering cats who need some time away from the busy shelter. But fostering Mr. Mittens is a bit different, she is providing hospice care for him. We are so thankful for Kathy and her willingness to open her home to this special cat.

Check out her story in the video below!

Nate and Stanley found each other when Stanley was just a puppy looking for a home at Mountain Humane. Since then, they have become inseparable best friends. From long bike rides, epic road trips, and daily trips to the river in the summertime - you won't find one without the other. Nate also serves in the military and is thankful for the companionship that Stanley brings on days when being around people is too much. With Stanley by his side, every day has more joy in it.

Your donations will help us make more connections between people and pets in the community. All season long we'll be featuring stories that show the love, loyalty, and strength that animals give us.

We want to know - what makes home for you? Is it your cat of many years purring away in your lap while you read a good book? Your pup who can barely contain his excitement when your car rolls into the driveway? Or maybe it's the guinea pig you adopted who has now become your child's constant companion? Whatever your story is, we invite you to share what makes your house a home!

Submit your story and photo by clicking the button below, we'll be featuring some of the submitted stories through e-mail and our social media channels!