Melanie Faulkner

Customer and Animal Care Provider

Melanie moved from St. Louis to the Wood River Valley in 2022 in search of perfect temperatures, hot springs, never-ending mountains, outdoor activities, and a smaller population. She volunteered at an animal rescue in Missouri where she learned to bottle feed baby kittens and help socialize feral cats. She also acquired two cats, Joan Clawford and Creek, and a dog, Baloo, who are all seniors now. As an Adoption Counselor at Mountain Humane, Melanie loves seeing animals meet their families and says it is “just the best feeling.” She found working with animals is so much more rewarding than her prior career as a hairstylist!

When Melanie isn’t working, she enjoys riding horses up the canyons, exploring the mountains, cooking delicious meals, caring for her garden, thrifting, writing and, of course, soaking in the hot springs. She has a wonderful, supportive, and thoughtful partner, who also works in animal care.