At Mountain Humane we believe in changing lives by connecting people and pets. One of the easiest ways to strengthen your connection with your pet is through training, using reward-based techniques and positive-reinforcement. Our group training classes are perfect for dogs and owners of all experiences, from beginners to advanced, as there is always a way to take your dog’s training to the next level!

To sign up for training classes please contact our Behavior and Training Manager Vic Gasser at

208.578.4782 or [email protected]




Does your dog bark incessantly, growl, or even lunge at other dogs when they are on leash? Many dogs and owners struggle with leash reactivity here in our community, but this is not something you need to suffer through any longer!

Our Reactive Rovers classes are designed to help dogs and owners of all skill levels learn to overcome this common problem. We focus on changing your dog’s underlying motivation for the behavior (fear, frustration, etc.), not simply addressing the symptoms (barking, growling, etc.). This training leads to long-lasting results and more enjoyable walks for you and your dog!

While we are taking a break from offering the Reactive Rovers group classes, we are still happy and able to help you with your reactive dog. Please fill out the Reactive Rovers Questionnaire and our Behavior and Training Manager will get back to you.


If you are new to training, have a new dog, or just need a refresher, the Basics are for you!

In this course you will learn how to teach your dog foundational skills, such as sit, down, stay, and to come when called, as well as manners like not jumping up or barking for attention.


Has your dog completed the Basic Training Course here at Mountain Humane? Maybe you have been keeping their skills sharp on your own, but want a group setting to continue learning in? Then the Advanced Course may be just what you need!

In this course you will build on the basic behaviors such as stay, recall, walking on leash, and leave it, by adding more real life challenges, while also learning some other awesome tricks along the way. The goal of this course is for your dog to be able to listen to you in more challenging situations, and for you to learn how to problem solve and troubleshoot so you can help your pup continue to hone their skills throughout their lives.


Missed out on a group class? Maybe your dog isn’t ready to work around other pups? Or maybe you have more specific behaviors you would like to work on with your canine companion? Whatever the reason, private training sessions can be ideal, and we are excited to announce that Mountain Humane now offers one-on-one dog training in the Wood River Valley!

We understand that every dog is different and their needs vary, so you have the choice of meeting at Mountain Humane, or having a certified Mountain Humane trainer come to your home for these hour-long sessions. Email [email protected] for more information and to book a session.



  • All dogs must be accompanied by an adult (18 & up)
  • Dogs cannot be sick, injured, in pain or have behaviors that could jeopardize the health or safety of other dogs, staff or volunteers
  • No choke chains, prong collars, or e-collars allowed
  • All dogs should come on a 6’ lead at all times. *No extending leashes
  • Only force-free and positive methods of training animals are allowed
  • Dogs must be up-to-date on their rabies and DAPP vaccines



For information about training classes please contact our Training and Behavior Manager Vic Gasser at

208.788.4351 ext. 114 or [email protected]