Dog Training at Mountain Humane

We’re excited to announce a bunch of new classes that we’ll be offering starting in January of 2020! From puppyhood to pups that need more time to learn – we’re covering more topics and expanding our efforts to help more pets & people in the community. Check out all of the classes below or send us an e-mail for information.


Guidelines for all Behavior & Training Classes:

  • All dogs must be accompanied by an adult (18 & up).
  • Dog cannot be sick, injured, in pain or have behaviors (aggression, bite history) that could jeopardize the health or safety of other dogs, staff or volunteers.
  • All dogs must be on harnesses, martingale collars, gentle leaders and/or on a flat, buckled collar. *No choke chains, prong collars, or e-collars allowed.
  • All dogs should come on a 6’ lead at all time. Exceptions will need to be approved *No extending leashes
  • Only force-free and positive methods of training animals are allowed.
Class Name Prerequisities Class Information Dates Pricing Signup
Basic Training -Up to date vaccinations (DA2P, Bordetella, RV)
-Over 4 months old
-No prior history of aggression to humans or other dogs
-Foundational skills for basic training (Sit, Down, Come, etc.)
-Understand how dogs learn
-Learn how to effectively communicate with your dog
-Practice basic manners
>>Not jumping on people to greet
Thursdays, starting March 5th
4 - 5pm
$100 for MH Alumni
$120 for Non-Alumnu
Reactive Rover -Dog barks/growls/lunges at other dogs while on leash walks
-No prior history of dog fight or injury to another dog or human
-Up to date vaccinations (DA2P, Bordetella, RV)
-Over 4 months old
-Foundational skills for working with your dog’s reactivity
-Learn how to help your dog overcome these behaviors
-Learn tricks on how to better manage these behaviors
-Working around other dogs in a controlled setting
-Work at your dog’s pace
Wednesdays, March 4th - April 1st
5:30 - 6:30pm
$140 for 5 Week Session