Sponsorship Opportunities


Throughout the year, Mountain Humane hosts fundraising events and campaigns such as  Paws Up, Idaho Gives, Giving Tuesday and Rocky’s Medical Fund. There are sponsorships and matching fund opportunities for donors who feel a particular connection to each event’s focus. Every year, we also like to host a “friend-raising” event for the community to get to know Mountain Humane. For more information on event sponsorships, please contact Stephanie Eisenbarth, Sr. Development Director at (208) 788-4351, ext. 208, or email [email protected].

Full tables of various people holding up number cards at a covered, outdoor event

Naming Opportunities

Small (1′ x 1′) Tribute Paver

Tribute Paver

$500 | Small (1′ x 1′)

Engraved pavers with your personal message. Choice of location: Main Entrance Patio, Cat Cafe Patio, or Events Patio.

Medium (2′ x 1′) Ttribute Paver

Tribute Paver

$1,000 | Medium (2′ x 1′)

Engraved pavers with your personal message. Choice of location: Main Entrance Patio, Cat Cafe Patio, or Events Patio.

Large (2′ x 2′) Tribute Paver

Tribute Paver

$2,500 | Large (2′ x 2′)

Engraved pavers with your personal message. Choice of location: Main Entrance Patio, Cat Cafe Patio, or Events Patio.

Click here to purchase a paver online.

Trees in front of a mountain landscape

Landscape Trees

$5,000 | 2 Available

Landscaping trees throughout our facility grounds in the beautiful Croy Canyon.

Cat Condos

Cat Condos

$10,000 | 18 Available

Individual cat condos for cats that don’t enjoy the communal rooms, specially designed to minimize feline stress.


Dog Condos

$25,000 | 10 Available

Individual dog kennels, designed to minimize stress by controlling noise, odor, and sight lines while creating a comfortable temporary home.

Trees on a cement pathway

Shade Trees

$25,000 | 3 Available

Large deciduous trees in permanent planters in Central Bark and the Event Patio.

Kitchen with large prep counter in the center

Education Barn Kitchen

$50,000 | 1 Available

Secluded break and lunchroom away from the flurry of activity. Overlooking the creek and marsh area, this space allows staff a quiet space to recharge. Serves as a catering kitchen for events.

Alcoholic bottles on a counter next to an upright menu called the "Yappy Hour"

The Barn Bar

$50,000 | 1 Available

Bar area located in the Education Barn where guests receive refreshments during summer events, workshops, and other special programs throughout the year. Get your “Fine Whines & Licker” here!

Room with a large dog weighing scale against the wall next to a door

Dog Welcome Room

$50,000 | 1 Available

Welcoming room in the spay/neuter clinic for public visitors to bring their dog and complete the veterinary intake process.

Woman petting a cat who is standing on a top level cat tree in the corner of a room

Cat & Kitten Gathering Room

$50,000 | 1 Available

A cozy space in the central Adoption Center where potential adopters can get to know cats and kittens, individually.

Woman interacting with a monitor above a dog laying on a radiology table


$50,000 | 1 Available

In the heart of the medical clinic, Mountain Humane animals receive x-rays here to help diagnose injuries.

Room with a counter to the right and a chair next to a door

Cat Welcome Room

$50,000 | 1 Available

Welcoming room in the spay/neuter clinic for public visitors to bring their cat and complete the veterinary intake process.

Nook with a cushioned bench on either side of the walls, a window with flowers in vase site to the right

Adoption Counseling Nooks

$50,000 | 2 Available

Nooks in the central Adoption Center for adoption counselors to work with adopters to find the perfect pet for their family.

Door with a window that has white text printed on it reading "Cat Recovery"

Cat Recovery Room

$50,000 | 1 Available

Cats can recover in peace in this separate post-surgery ward with a sterile environment and carefully regulated climate.

Room with window walls filled with cat trees, a litter box, bench with a woman and child holding and petting an orange cat

Cat Gathering Center

$100,000 | 1 Available

In the central Adoption Center, the communal cat rooms place our feline residents in a prominent public area, helping them get adopted rapidly.

Woman sitting at desk talking on the phone in front of a bright green wall with Mountain Humane logo printed in white

Welcome Lobby

$150,000 | 1 Available

Waiting room and lobby at the entrance to the Spay/Neuter Center and Clinic building. In addition to spay/neuter check-in, all animal intakes, impounds, and other public services occur here.

Wall with a black plaque in between two tall panels filled with frosted glass name cards

360° Visionaries

$360,000 | 1 Available

Members of the 360° Visionaries are recognized for their leadership and generosity as key partners in building a more humane community, both locally and nationwide. Membership includes permanent and prominent recognition in the Adoption Center (above and beyond your specific naming opportunity), special celebrations, and VIP opportunities.

Spacious toom with a grated gate, employees showing dogs to families outside the gate

Indoor Meet & Greet Play Yard

$500,000 | 1 Available

Dogs get to run around off-leash in this yard, specially designed for indoor fun and helping adopters get to know their potential pets in any season.

Woman holding dog on floor with clean kennels on either side of hallway

Dog Habitat

$500,000 | 1 Available

The primary housing for sheltered dogs, this “cabin” provides comfort, safety, and modern systems that reduce stress and prevent the spread of disease.

Mountain Humane building from the outside, large rolling hills behind

Mountain Humane Campus

$500,000 | 7 Available out of 10

Join a special group of animal lovers to underwrite the naming of our Mountain Humane Shelter Campus. May be pledged over three years.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these naming opportunities,
please contact Stephanie Eisenbarth, Sr. Development Director, at 208.788.4351 ext. 208 or [email protected]