Meet The Team


Christine Ferguson sitting outdoors with her small white dog sitting on her lap

Christine Ferguson

Executive Director

Stephanie Eisenbarth hugging her dog who is standing on two legs, hugging her back, with a snowy mountain background

Stephanie Eisenbarth

Senior Development Director

Brent Householder standing outside holding two small dogs, one in each arm

Brent Householder

Senior Director - Finance and Human Resources

Kelly Mitchell holding up a small cat toy to an orange tabby cat who is standing on a cat tree at face level

Kelly Mitchell

Senior Director - Shelter Operations and Outreach

The Team

Jack Amen, DVM


Michael Barbee sitting in a chair outdoors, holding his small dog in his arms

Michael Barbee

Facilities Manager

Sidney Bashaw in the cat gathering center holding a cat who is snuggling in her arms

Sidney Bashaw

Animal Care Provider

Sarah Bunce

Animal Care Provider

Aubrey Cravens holding a tortoise shell cat in her arms

Aubrey Cravens

Barkin' Manager

Diana Ellison

Barkin' Customer Service Representative

Melanie Faulkner

Customer and Animal Care Provider

Jayne Fenton holding up a cat on her arm

Jayne Fenton

Intake Representative

Kailey Fisher

Animal Care Provider

Carla Goodwin

Veterinary Technician

Bailey Gould in her Mountain Humane uniform smiling at the camera with a scruffy dog in her lap looking up at her

Bailey Gould

Lead Animal Care Provider

Jeff Harmon

Assistant Facilities Manager

Heidi Hayes sitting outside in winter weather with her brindled dog next to her

Heidi Hayes

Marketing Manager

Terry Johnson sitting outside a house holding her small dog on her lap

Terry Johnson

Barkin' Customer Service Representative

Leslie Krieger CPDT-KA

Animal Behavior & Training Manager

Melissa Martinez touching noses with a cat standing on a cat tree

Melissa Martinez

Barkin' Customer Service Representative

Megan McCauley sitting in a field in front of a wood fence with her two large dogs in her lap

Megan McCauley

Kennel, Intake and Transfer Manager

Dejia McNeil

Lead Animal Care Provider

Cathy McLaren sitting in a desk chair holding a gray tabby cat in her lap

Cathy McLaren

Visitor Services Representative

Kadi McGinnis in her Mountain Humane uniform holding black and white cat in her lap

Kadi McGinnis

Customer and Animal Care Provider

Meg Miller smiling at the camera while holding up a fluffy black and white cat

Meghan ‘Meg’ Miller

Customer and Animal Care Provider

Kali Orr squatting down in front of a dog who is looking back and licking her face

Kali Orr

Barkin' Assistant Manager

Hope Perkins sitting in the grass, squinting into the sun, her arms around a brown dog who is looking at the camera

Hope Perkins

Animal Behavior and Training Assistant

Jake Pearce

Animal Care Provider

Ryann Perron

Animal Care Provider

Lauren Rujawitz smiling and holding up a black puppy in her hands

Lauren Rujawitz

Foster Manager & Shelter Administrator

Kimberly Slater

Veterinary Technician Assistant 

Margie Smith standing in front of a window, holding up a fluffy orange cat

Margie Smith

Senior Finance and HR Specialist

Kelsey Strahle kneeling down with an arm around her large Irish Wolfhound in front of a snowy mountain landscape

Kelsey Strahle

Volunteer Manager

Courtnet Thompson sitting outside with a puppy sitting on her lap

Courtney Thompson, CVT

Clinic Manager and Veterinary Technician

Pita Vega holding up a fluffy black cat while smiling

Pita Vega

Community Outreach Manager

The Board

Sally Onetto and her dog standing in a beautiful snowy landscape

Sally Onetto


Maggie Sturdevant with sun glasses on enjoying an outdoor event in summery weather

Maggie Sturdevant

Vice President

Vickrie Cutler sitting on a couch snuggling with her dog

Vickrie Cutler


Deborah Mello posing with a black lab puppy

Deborah Mello


Scott Acker sitting and smiling with his dog leaning against him

Scott Acker

Board Member

Christine Brumback outdoors posing with her two dogs on either side of her

Christine Brumback

Board Member

Micki Chapin standing outside in the snow holding her dog on a leash

Micki Chapin

Board Member

Corry Hart Clayville crouching next to her dog on bright green grass in front of a forested area

Corry Hart Clayville

Board Member

Katie Franklin taking a selfie in her car with her dog in the backseat

Katie Franklin

Board Member

Kristin Hovencamp sitting in an office hugging her dog in her lap

Kristin Hovencamp

Board Member

Linda Potter sitting on a couch smiling happily with her golden retriever sitting next to her

Linda Potter

Board Member

Stephanie Booth Shafran sitting in a garden with her two spaniels sitting with her

Stephanie Booth Shafran

Board Member

Matt Wellner sitting on a stone porch with an arm around his large, fluffy dog

Matt Wellner

Board Member

Advisory Council