Ways To Give


Mountain Humane is supported almost entirely through donations by generous individuals who wish to support our mission of saving animals and changing lives. If you would like to make a cash donation please click the button below.

Many of our donors elect to support Mountain Humane through Bequests, or take advantage of the tax benefits of Qualified Charitable Distributions through an IRA and Stock Gifts. Please contact Development Coordinator, Stephanie Eisenbarth, at 208.788.4351 ext. 208 or email [email protected] for assistance and to answer any questions.



We love our furry friends and our work centers around keeping every animal in our community safe, happy and healthy. When creating your will, you can make a guardianship plan so you can rest assured they will always have a loving home. You can also include a gift to Mountain Humane and create a life-saving legacy that makes a lasting impact on the homeless animals in our community.



Supporters 70.5 or older with a traditional IRA are eligible to make a tax-free donation to Mountain Humane directly from their IRAs. Tax-free IRA gifts are a powerful way to help homeless pets get a second chance and they offer a huge financial benefit. IRA gifts reduce your future tax burden and can fulfill your Required Minimum Distribution.



See combined tax savings of up to 70% of your gift when you donate appreciated stocks or mutual finds. Donating appreciated assets can help you avoid paying capital gains tax. If you itemize deductions, you can also take a charitable deduction for the entire donation amount. Donating stock is one of the smartest way to give – and it benefits you while supporting Mountain Humane.