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FALLING for October Adoptions!

Over 50 homeless pets found their forever homes in October, and two-thirds of these lucky adoptions were cats and kittens. It has been a record-breaking kitten season at Mountain Humane (30% more than in 2022, and we're not done yet!), and we were thrilled to see so many go into their new homes in pairs. We are forever grateful when our long-stay guests find their way out the door, and this month those happy pets included bonded kitty pair, Fred and Larry, staff favorite German Shepherd, Boscoe, and Border Collie mixes, Little Lottie and Goose. Many thanks to the Bissell Pet Foundation for their added support in October.

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Mountain Humane is committed to providing spay/neuter services to any companion animal who needs it. If you or anyone you know is looking for affordable spay/neuter services to help prevent more unplanned litters, please call 208.788.4351 ext. 301 to schedule an appointment.

Email to join our lifesaving foster team. Or, click here if you are looking for your next family member.

October 2023 Adoptions


New Volunteer Orientation

Mountain Humane Volunteers

Tuesday, November 14
5:00 to 6:30 pm at Mountain Humane

Email to sign up.

Do you love animals and want to help our shelter pets? Join us for the next New Volunteer Orientation on the second Tuesday of every month! Please sign up first at then click on “Become a Volunteer.”

Drinks and snacks provided. Plus, a behind-the-scenes tour of the shelter is included! Email Volunteer Coordinator Kelsey Strahle with any questions at .


Training Classes

Mountain Humane Behavior Dog Training

Private Training
Due to the busy holiday season, group classes will restart in January 2024. Mountain Humane wants our dog-loving community to know that private lessons and consultations are always available!

Email to enroll.

Cat Cozy Club

Jen at Mountain Humane - Cat Cozy Club

Monday, November 13
5:00 to 6:45 pm at Mountain Humane
Email Jen at with any questions.

Please check for schedule changes for both the Cat Cozy Club and New Volunteer Orientations by emailing

Training Tips: Why Does My Dog Bark?

Dog Barking, Mountain Humane Training Tips
Robert Gramner / Unsplash

If you feel your pup is barking too much, the first question, "Why are they barking?" is the best place to start solving the problem. It's the classic iceberg metaphor. The tip of the iceberg is what you see your dog doing, such as barking. We can't see the "why" and everything happening with our dog's brain. It's much larger and more complex than the tip.

Let's examine the "why" of various behaviors; how have they been reinforced (i.e., why do they keep happening)? Then, we can adjust our training plan to accommodate and strengthen behaviors we would like to see. Studies have shown a dog's willingness to train increases when we find ways to reinforce what we want instead of punishing what we don't like. Think back to when you were learning something new. If someone only told you "no," you'd get frustrated quickly and even give up. If someone told you "yes" or "almost," you'd likely get excited and continue learning.

We can apply this thinking to our dogs (and even cats). For example, if your dog sees the mailman and barks at them, train them to go to their bed or grab a toy everytime they see the mailman. This gives you an alternate behavior that you can reinforce. Perhaps your dog is barking out of fear, in this case, start pairing what they are fearful of with a yummy treat. You won't be reinforcing the barking, instead you'll be changing their emotional state which reduces the barking as the "scary" thing becomes more fun.

Contact the Mountain Humane behavior team at We are happy to provide positive training tips to create a lasting change in your pet's behavior.