Our Mission

Saving Animals and Changing Lives

After 50 years, Mountain Humane, formerly known as the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley, has progressed well beyond its strong and straightforward “dog pound” roots. While the organization has a rich history of keeping animals off the streets, the facility has evolved into a community pet support center.

The new Mountain Humane animal welfare campus was built to optimize our ability to save animals’ lives. Ample kennel space allows Mountain Humane to transfer animals from under-resourced shelters and rescues at a moment’s notice. When necessary, we coordinate foster homes for stressed or very young animals so they can enjoy a loving family while waiting to be adopted. Of equal importance, we provide essential services to mitigate pet surrenders and temporary boarding for pets whose owners are experiencing a health or family emergency.

Orange tabby cat laying on a bench enjoying being scratched lovingly under the chin

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